We believe - 

In God the Father who made the world and who loves and cares for us. 

In God the Son, Jesus Christ. He lived on earth and died on the Cross as a perfect sacrifice for our sins, rising from the dead on the third day. Day by day he brings us forgiveness and the gift of eternal life. 
In God the Holy Spirit who inspires all Christians and helps them to do God's will in the world. 

It is a family of Christians meeting together to worship and to find fellowship together in prayer and learning,
whose work is to spread the Good News of our faith in Christ and encourage others to discover God's love and purpose for their lives. 
If you would like to talk to a member of the Ministry Team, you can find out more about these people by clicking on the People button on the left.
We trust you will find God's peace and strength in any of our churches, and when you visit please feel free to find a quiet place to sit and pray and then sign in the visitors book.
The Benefice of six churches covers quite a large geographical area, and the churches work together with their parish priest.

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