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Commissioning Service for the Local Ministry Group of the Benefice of Hazelbury Bryan and the Hillside Parishes.

Wednesday, 21st September at 7.30pm

The Church of St Mary and St James, Hazelbury Bryan


Just over three years ago the Local Ministry Group was commissioned to continue its work and ministry with and for the people of this Benefice.  The Commissioning came during a period of extended ‘vacancy’ - that is during a time without a resident Priest; this service consolidated and gave public witness to the willingness and ability of those commissioned to commit to be God’s ministers in this place. 


Such sharing of church services and pastoral duties in a commissioned lay and clerical team is unique in rural areas of Salisbury Diocese. It reflects the deep passion and faithfulness of the Benefice to continue and extend all that it undertakes in our churches and communities in terms of Christian witness and service.


Three years on that commitment, vitality and vision remains strong; there have been changes of course, we have experienced the sad loss of Wendy Mattar who as Administrator to the Benefice contributed a great deal in terms of time, expertise and wisdom.  The Ministry Group was joined last year by resident part time Associate Priest Revd. Diane Gingell and her husband Roger who have brought to the Ministry Group their own gifts and skills.


This is an exciting time for our Benefice as we celebrate God’s presence and promise in this place; all are invited to join us at the church of St Mary and St James, Hazelbury Bryan on Wednesday, 21st September at 7.30pm as the Ministry group is commissioned for a further term by the Venerable Paul Taylor, Archdeacon of Sherborne.


The service will be followed by light refreshments.


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The Benefice of Hazelbury Bryan and the Hillside Parishes is part of the Diocese of Salisbury, and comes within the Blackmore Vale Deanery in Dorset.

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Other Churches
  • All Saints Church

    Fifehead Neville DT10 2AL

  • St Aldhelm's Church

    Belchalwell DT11 0EH

  • St Eustace Church

    Ibberton DT11 0EN

  • St Peter and St Paul

    Mappowder DT10 2EH

  • Woolland Church

    Woolland DT11 0EP

  • St Mary and St James

    Hazelbury Bryan DT10 2ED

Hazelbury Bryan

The Church of St Mary and St James is the largest of the six churches in the Benefice and is within the largest parish by population.


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